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Next on Merlin....

 FUCK Yeah!!! 

Although it was a nice enough ep this week, I was basically just waiting for the preview for episode 10 to come on. And man does it look delicious. Lots of kissage, sacrifice and allround epic love between Gwen and Arthur. 
Queen of Hearts is a delicious title for a delicious ep...fuck let it be Saturday again asap!

*giddy laughter* 

I have issues....


Yes, I'm obsessed

 Since I saw the latest Merlin ep, I've become utterly obsessed with finding good fanfiction for the show and more specifically for my ultimate Merlin ship Gwen/Arthur. Dear lord, it's sucked me back into LJ world. I can't help it! What a crazy amount of talent this fandom has. I've joined a gazillion groups and am already a fangirl to dozens of writers. *happy sigh* Yes, I'm still in my PJs - despite it being my day off and today being a pretty lovely day weather-wise. 

Obsessed and loving it, that's me! 

new addiction

 I've always been a closet Merlin fan, but lately my obsession with Gwen/Arthur has reached pathetic levels. Yes, I'm that chick that watches endless youtube clips of pivotal (heartbreakingly beautiful) scenes and then secretly hopes the actors are also dating in real life. Yes, I'm pathetic. But I don't mind.
Merlin is like the place-holder crack - until Who returns, I need a lil crazy BBC show to make me feel like a teenybopper again. It's nice to ship a couple. It makes me want to come on LJ and randomly post about it.

I don't mind being pathetic, my new addiction rocks!

Mind you, it's gotten me back into fanfiction...I have found some AMAZING writers. *sigh* Sunday evening, on my couch in my PJs - with tea and a blanket reading Gwen/Arthur fanfic. Aint life grand?!

My brush with DW

So I'm at work right now, at my dodgy little part-time stint as a receptionist at the Van Gogh Museum...and I just had a very cool phone call. So it's a public holiday in The Netherlands, and the offices of the museum are closed so I'm taking a lot of messages today.
I just had this lovely lady on the phone, calling from the offices of BBC Wales..and it was about Doctor Who!! I squeed a bit. I'm not gonna lie.

The BBC lady was adorable, apologising that she didn't speak Dutch, and then being so delighted that I spoke English. She explained that she wanted to put a link of the museum on their website so that viewers who had just played the interactive game on their site could go on and get some more information about Vincent van Gogh. I totally geeked out and said, "Oh YES! You're doing an episode on Vincent right, awesome!" I think she was surprised that there was a DW fan in Holland, let alone that she was speaking to a total fangirl. I was extra polite, maybe secretly hoping to get some DW goodies out of it. I gave her the number of my friend at the PR department, she's an intern, I might get her to get me some DW goodies haha. Something like, "Oh yes you can use our museum link but only if you get the receptionist a toy sonic screwdriver..or a signed picture of the cast " haha YES I'm totally sending my PR friend an email about this.

Man, I feel a bit starstruck haha...yes I'm a loser!
 Sucked back into LJ cause of Mr. Moffat!

Let the good times roll....

Who finale

Best moment: all the companions in the Tardis!

Worst moment: the rest!


First of all I'm just going to ignore the fact that I haven't been on LJ for a lifetime and just get straight to it.

Doctor Who babies...have you been watching? Cause I've been acting like I didn't care, but I care..at first I was just waiting out S4 until my Martha came back and I could squee again. Oh and did I ever? But then I sorta decided that if I didn't let all that crappy shippy stuff get in the way of my Who I could enjoy it again. RTD is an ass, his Tinkerbell Doctor and basically assholey way of ending S3 made me dislike the Who. And that's harsh, to make someone not like such a fun thing. But yeah, Donna gave me some laughs, and Martha was all kickass and dignified and awesome. To be honest though, I wasn't committed, I wasn't addicted to the Who like I used to be.

Then Mr Moffatt swooped in and made it all better. I have crazy Moffat love, he wooed me with Coupling and wowed me with every Who ep he's written. He's witty & cool and über scary when he wants to be. He's the cherry on top of your Who. Anyway I LOVED this ep, like everything about it!

Teensy moment of procrastination

So I should be writing an essay on a certain topic regarding Religion in the history of the US and well considering I have no topic, no references and have not ever actually opened my text book...I felt the crazy urge to update my LJ since I was already sitting behind my computer. I miss you all. Sorry to have left so abruptely but things are beyond hectic. I was in the States for most of October (and my bday - good times!) and got back a week and a half ago, and life has overwhelmed me once again. Work is crazy, and sort of annoying me...as are my duties as a boardmember for this studentunion...

On top of that, I still haven't written my thesis, nor done any assignments for my classes. I'm going to the Ardennen this weekend (no idea how I should say this in English but it's a mountainrange near the French/Belgium border) for some boardbonding. I don't want to bond with the fucking ppl in my board, I already know I don't like them very much and now they are making me go to the mountains in the middle of winter and cycle around in the woods on mountainbikes. How is that fun? In what universe does this sound like a good idea? Cause of this bloody weekend trip I have no time to write this essay...and instead of doing it now I'm whinging about it on here. Vicious cycle my life is, one massive vicious cycle.

I'll update properly after the weekend of hell, wish me luck! I hope I get terribly ill on Friday, something like projectile vomiting so that I don't have to go. Pray for me. ;)


the best days are,,,

the one's that leave you utterly and completely wrecked. I'm halfway dead so this week must have been excellent ;')

I'm too tired to get into it now since I can hear my pillow coaxing me to lie down. I just wanted to tell you all that I've been gone for good reason, I have been entertaining exchange students all week and obviously been flirting with a good deal of them.

Final tally: France and England are definitely winning the hotness contest, and so far I have two potentials. I will keep you updated and edit this post with pics and names and dreary details that I know all of you secretly want to hear about. Also just got back from that wedding I was going to, and man was it fun! At some point I threw my shoes off and life became far more pleasant. Comfortable feet are basically essential to my happiness, yet I like to buy pretty shoes with heels. I'm such a complex girl haha.

love and kisses, g'night

Happy Birthday to YOU!

Woohoo it's officially ladymako71's birthday over here since it's past midnight. 

Happy Birthday dollface, I heart you big time! 
Big kisses from me, hopefully I'm the first considering the timezone advantage I got going for me :)  Enjoy your day, I'm sure it'll be awesome.[Unknown LJ tag]


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